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Scott Moore


Scott Moore is a distinguished figure in the dynamic landscape of Los Angeles real estate, boasting a wealth of experience spanning over two decades. Revered by both clients and peers, Scott holds the prestigious title of Real Estate Market Influencer, as recognized by the Los Angeles Business Journal. Currently based in Santa Monica, he stands as the founder of the Scott Moore Group, a highly esteemed broker in the industry.

As a licensed real estate broker, Scott goes beyond the conventional role, serving as a trusted advisor to his clients. His extensive network of relationships with top Realtors, forged over years of industry involvement, provides an additional layer of expertise when negotiating on behalf of his valued clientele. This extensive network also allows him a broader reach and deeper insights, transcending the boundaries of the Los Angeles area.

Scott’s discerning eye for quality and value sets him apart in the market, enabling him to uncover hidden gems and manage projects with unparalleled flexibility. His commitment to transparency ensures clients are well-informed throughout the process, offering peace of mind by eliminating surprises from project initiation to completion.

Carrying the distinction of a broker’s license, Scott upholds a higher standard of experience and proficiency than traditional agents. Meeting stringent requirements for brokers, he stands as a discerning market expert and adept negotiator, making him the ideal representative in high-stakes transactions. His proud affiliation with the Aaron Kirman Group at Christie’s International Real Estate, one of the nation’s most prestigious brokerage firms, underscores his commitment to excellence.

Over the past two decades, Scott has left an indelible mark on the real estate landscape, engaging in diverse projects ranging from buying and selling to subdivision, addition, remodeling, and new construction across premier locations such as Beverly Hills, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Hollywood, Los Feliz, Venice, and Lynn Ranch.

On a personal note, Scott is happily married to Signe and takes pride in being the father of two children, Taylor (12) and Savannah (10). Beyond his professional pursuits, Scott is a seasoned world traveler, having explored 63 countries, and speaks three languages (English, Spanish, and Japanese). In his youth, he showcased his athletic prowess by playing soccer for Team USA at the age of 17, gracing the fields in Sweden, Holland, and Denmark.

Scott Moore
Andrew Eftekhari

Andrew Eftekhari

Lead Buyer’s Agent

Andrew Eftekhari seamlessly blends unwavering dedication with a passion for delivering exceptional service in the dynamic realm of real estate. With over a decade-long track record in luxury sales, Andrew’s expertise and attentiveness emanates. His earlier venture into the mortgage industry endowed him with extensive financial acumen, a crucial asset in navigating intricate real estate transactions.

As the Lead Buyer’s Agent for the Scott Moore Group, Andrew boasts an impressive track record, having facilitated over $25 million in career real estate sales within a mere two years since joining SMG. His extensive knowledge of local market trends and guidelines equips him with unparalleled industry insights, enhancing every transaction he engages in.

Andrew’s essence lies in his unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, fortified by integrity, ingenious problem-solving, meticulous attention to detail, and an unyielding dedication to delivering substantial value for clients involved in significant investments. In the realm of real estate, Andrew goes beyond mere transactions, embodying a holistic vision that includes a profound understanding of the market while prioritizing the individual needs of his clients.

Pamela English

Operations Manager

Over the past 25 years, Pam has gained valuable experience in all aspects of the real estate business.

She is a licensed agent with a background in marketing who has worked in various roles in residential real estate in Los Angeles serving prominent real estate industry professionals. She presently holds the position of Operations Manager with Scott Moore Group.

As an Operations Manager Pam is dedicated to managing the team and providing superior service to our clients. She is highly knowledgeable in current real estate regulations and best practices to ensure the fastest possible workflow and seamless transaction on all sides of a deal.

Her industry knowledge and leadership abilities prove her to be an efficient problem solver and a team player.

Pamela English
Reese Evans

Reese Evans


Born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, Reese made the leap to California seven years ago and has since made it her home. Graduating with a degree in Visual Communications from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, Reese seamlessly transitioned into the dynamic realm of the fashion industry, where her keen eye for design and appreciation for architectural nuances began to flourish, laying the groundwork for her eventual venture into real estate.

Now a valued member of The Scott Moore group, renowned for their exceptional track record boasting over $300 million dollars in closed transactions within the past four years. In her inaugural year, she accomplished an impressive feat, successfully closing six transactions spanning across Los Angeles, her hometown in South Carolina, and even reaching the serene landscapes of Maine. Whether guiding clients through the intricacies of buying, selling, or investing in real estate, Reese offers a personalized touch at every turn, leveraging her extensive network and adept social media skills to connect with a diverse audience.

However, it is Reese’s unwavering dedication to her clients that truly sets her apart. With a genuine commitment to ensuring each transaction is not just seamless, but truly enjoyable, she goes above and beyond to exceed expectations. Outside of her bustling real estate endeavors, Reese finds solace in the rhythm of a tennis match, the culinary delights of new city eateries, and the enriching experiences found within the walls of local museums.

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