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Your FAQ Answered About Palisades Village

The long-awaited Palisades Village is opening September 22 of this year!

Here’s what we know:

  • 125,000 square feet of retail, restaurants, a theater, market, office, and residential uses
  • Walkable streets
  • No chain restaurants!
  • 560 spaces in a three-level underground parking structure
  • Local groceries and a specialty market. The Farmer’s Market will remain.
  • Swarthmore Ave will become a one-way street
  • Park area includes approximately 5,600 sq ft of grass area, plus adjacent hardscape areas, within the 3-acre site
  • The community room is located in the center of the project and is approximately 1,100 sq feet
  • The first ground-up development in LA to earn LEED status.  LEED Gold Status!

What stores and restaurants are going in?  Developer Rick Caruso says, ” This whole project violates every old rule of real estate,” which does not include brand-name retailers hogging up massive spaces.