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Where to eat and indulge on the Westside – Nov 2018


We have some of THE BEST food on the Westside, whether the restaurant is new or not.  In these articles we’ll not only feature some of the most enjoyable places to eat and drink, we’ll also tell you our favorite dishes and cocktails you probably haven’t tried!



Daily Soup – I’m sure you’ve been all over the new Palisades Village trying seasonal dishes left and right.  So I’m willing to bet you’ve overlooked the simple soup that tops the Porta Via menu.  I’ve tried broccoli puree and butternut squash so far.  They were both dairy free and extraordinarily flavorful!



Green Lentils Du Puy – I know what you’re thinking, lentils?!  Too healthy to be delicious.  And you would be WRONG.  The lentils at the new Wally’s on Wilshire between 2nd and 3rd on Wilshire in Santa Monica are rich in taste and in price, which makes the hearty bowl perfect to share.



Beet Latte – Neighbors with Mendocino Farms and Sidecar Donuts on Wilshire in Santa Monica and also on Rose Ave in Venice, this might be the most underrated coffee bar on the Westside.  Any way you order your coffee, they’ll make it better than your favorite shop.  I  would have never tried the Beet Latte without a recommendation from Alli Webb, founder of drybar.  But she’s right, it’s “not to be missed!”



Crispy Duck Confi – If you’re looking for a real night OUT of the hood, head to Makani on Rose Avenue in Venice.  The ambiance couldn’t be more perfect for those of us over 40 (dark lights, low music, space between tables, a bar that isn’t covered in hipsters, and a great energy).  The Korean-inspired menu is unexpected, thoughtful, and delicious while the wine list offers vintages from France, Germany, and Austria.  Bottom line, Mankani is different and FUN.