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The Future of Lighting

Think of all the lights in your house. Currently powered by thick yellow ‘ROMEX’ that can electrocute you. Running to big power panels with breakers that pop and need to be reset.

That is the past. Now think of a data network. Managed by an intelligent network switch that puts out power – Power Over Ethernet – enough to light up your house!

businesses have been exploring the profitability of replacing LED lights’ electrical power source with an alternate but common power source found in the networking world — Power over Ethernet (PoE).


PoE enables IT personnel and even end-users to install additional LED light sources at nearly any location. With traditional light sources that rely on the power grid of a building, users need to contact a professional electrician and Energy-efficiency has driven the evolution of the light bulb, but the next iteration of the light bulb will launch it into the Era of the lights slowly replace compact fluorescent lights (CFL’s) due to greater energy- Internet of Things (IoT). As LED efficiency, follow extensive conduit rules and regulations. PoE lighting eliminates the need for a costly electrical contractor.

Smart Lighting enables users to remotely control their lighting systems via a mobile client device using the internet.


The Future of PoE Lighting

There are several advantages to PoE lighting, including automation, remote control, and the cost-efficiency of Cat5 Cable. Haustech Inc. notes that “Ethernet cables cost very little compared to heavy-duty copper wire and conduit used for traditional lighting.” Cost, mobility, and ease of installation are some of the factors that will attract users to invest in these next-generation lighting options.