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The downfall of setting a higher price for your home.

Pricing your home can be tricky which is one reason why an agent can be helpful.

If you set your price too high and don’t close, your house will stay on the market for a noticeably long time, and you will be forced to lower the price. And then….people want to know why.

Setting a price, based on location and condition of your home will inevitably work in your favor.

A Scott Moore Group agent, who is experienced in the market combined with our in-house general contractor, can give you the best assessment of price and any possible renovations you might need to make to increase the value of the home.

There is a final issue you need to know that works against you listing your own home. Agents representing buyers aren’t going to bring their clients to see your house because then the buyer has to pay the agent’s commission. So you’ll get less exposure, as you don’t have the broker’s marketing department or other agents showing your home.