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Enjoy Outdoor Patio Dining on The Westside

Now that restaurants are open for business, some people are still uncomfortable going INSIDE. Not to worry, Westside eateries offer beautiful outdoor dining options. Here is a list of our favorite places that are OPEN with pre-existing patios you might have forgotten about as well as NEW options developed to accommodate you!

Our favorite patios:

For a list of restaurants all over LA, click here.

Good news just in from one of our favorite local resources, The Infatuation.  We’ve been dying for more patio seating and, well, it took a lot for it to get here.

Chez Jay “Backyard”

Dive Bar in Santa Monica

The classic Santa Monica dive bar is back with a new patio in its parking lot, plus a recently renovated back porch as well. Though the quirky, nautical-themed interior will forever be one of our favorite places to drink on the Westside, being able to eat a buttered steak and lobster in their back parking lot is equally as odd… and exactly what we want at a place like Chez Jay.

We love Chez Tex simply for being the kind of casual, easy-to-get-into neighborhood bistro that’s often hard to find in Venice. Their excellent, snack-filled menu doesn’t hurt either. And though the space is small, they’ve reconfigured the tables inside and have added sidewalk seating out front. Ocean breeze, good wine, and a charcuterie plate? See you there.

Not only does Dudley Market serve some of our favorite seafood in Los Angeles, this neighborhood spot also has a fantastic location one block off the Venice boardwalk – which is exactly why we’re so excited about their new outdoor patio. If eating fresh-caught seafood while staring at the ocean isn’t on your “Things I Enjoy In Life” list, perhaps you need to reconsider some things.

Hinano’s new front patio might not have the dive-y, sawdust-covered aesthetic of the iconic Venice bar’s interior – because it’s on the sidewalk – but there’s still great people-watching and the excellent house burger, two of the main reasons you probably came to this Venice institution in the first place.

This Mexican-Burmese-Indian cantina in Santa Monica has always had one of our favorite spaces in the neighborhood, and with their brand new front patio a block from the beach, we’ll double-down on that statement. Because at the end of the day, drinking margaritas and eating masala tacos by the ocean is a combination you can’t really pass up.