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New Technology To Power Your Home

Want a wall of video in any space, no projector, no ambient light issues?  New from Samsung The WALL.  Using MicroLED technology create a traditional rectangle theater style screen  or get creative!

The Wall TV measures 146 inches diagonally and uses MicroLED technology instead of OLED or traditional LED. MicroLED delivers many of the benefits you’ll find in OLED, including perfect blacks and eye-popping colors, but the set also boasts 1,600 nits of brightness. That’s brighter than today’s OLED sets.

Another key benefit of The Wall is that it’s modular, so you can take part of it and move it around and get the exact screen size you want — a handy benefit of MicroLED. The Wall is currently available for pre-order at a size of 146” diagonal, might seem random, but it’s actually just tall enough to be able to cover most home walls from the floor to the ceiling. At least based on how Samsung described The Wall, you (or an installer) could very well be able to change the size of your set on the fly.