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Add Value To Your Home By Converting Your Basement To A Bar

July 23, 2021
Add Value To Your Home By Converting Your Basement To A Bar
At SMG, part of our value as an agent to you is Scott’s experience as a licensed General Contractor. He has the expertise to walk your current or potential property and give assessments and estimate pricing by the site.  If you have a home with a basement, that’s a versatile space you can take advantage of by building out an entertainment space. The first thing that pops into your head might be a playroom for the kiddos, but why not make your forgotten basement a little more adult-friendly? Consider adapting it into a basement bar. Your friends and family will enjoy hanging out, playing pool, crafting cocktails, and watching movies together. Here’s a list with a few elements that might take your potential basement bar to the next level.

1. Remember That Space Is King

A couple of basic, must-have elements make your basement bar work for you: storage and surface space. If you install a few kitchen cabinets, you can create an efficient and available bar in its use of space. This will increase your storage and decoration capacity and make your basement bar shine.

2. Use Doorless Cabinets and Rustic Materials

You’ll want to have space to store bottles, right? Having doorless cabinets will allow you to show off all your wine bottles and hard liquors, and if you use rustic materials in your design you can create a space that rivals your favorite neighborhood bar. Using rustic, unfinished wood to build your cabinets or counters will give the place a cool vibe.

3. Create Bar Cubbies and Include A Seated Countertop

You have to consider proper seating and style for your bar! Build a little cubby to highlight your basement bar as its own special area. Design a wrap-around countertop that keeps your bar away from the rest of the basement (if you’re not using all of the space). A counter with bar stools will really create that experience right in your home. 

4. Splurge on the Drink Fridge

If you want to increase efficiency in your basement bar, you’ll need to splurge on a couple of luxuries. A small drink fridge or reach-in will let you keep all drinks cool and crisp, and this will make your life much easier during your parties. A drink fridge will also make a nice “help yourself” section of the bar when you’re all watching the big game.  

5. Consider A Kitchenette Upgrade

Do you want to make your bar more than a bar? If you have an unfinished guest space or extra room in the basement, you can consider adding in a small oven or additional fridge to create a kitchenette alongside your bar accessories. If you really want to take your basement bar to the next level and you have access to water in your basement you could even install a small sink and faucet. This will allow you to do extended party prep downstairs and will decrease the amount of time you have to run up and down the stairs getting extra party goods.

6. Decorate With Mirrors and Lighting

It can be expensive to stock your bar with booze and amenities. When it comes to decoration, you can affordably make the space look amazing with some decent lighting and mirror placement. If you use mirrors as the back wall of the bar, it will make the space look larger and more stocked than it actually is. With additional proper lighting (hanging lights, string lights, counter lights) you can both make the entire space more well-lit and really get some shock and awe out of your partygoers when they see the set-up.

7. Build A Wine Rack

Why not have a beautiful wine rack built right into your bar? This will allow additional storage (keeping things off the shelves or out of the fridge) and add another layer of professional zest to your basement bar. With a wine rack, you’ll be able to keep something on hand that all your friends enjoy, and it will be ideal for hosting your next ladies’ night, dinner party, or get-together.   To take this a step further, consider installing a glass rack that will let you hang all your stemmed wine glasses. This will again increase counter space and make sure you’re more efficiently utilizing the bar. It will also keep things out of the way if your space is smaller. Consider building a wine rack into the bar or near the bottles within arms’ reach.

8. Consider A Theme For Your Bar

TVs, signage, and liquor bottles may not be the degree of artistic decoration you’re going for with your finished bar. Put a bit of yourself in the bar, decorating it with your favorite pictures, items, decorations, plants (ones that require little to no sunlight or water), sports paraphernalia, movie posters, and more. Decorate with artwork, whether it’s your own or your favorite art that you’ve acquired over the years that might in fact be gathering dust in some basement box! Get wild with it, it’s your bar!

9. Keep Things Minimal

Don’t overstress this list. Remember, this bar is your hang-out space and you should be comfortable with its design and look. Focus on your storage and space, and keep things minimalist and lightweight. Sometimes you don’t need all the decorations and extra doo-dads; if the bar you want is nothing more than a countertop and some shelves, feel free to call it good there.   Partner Author Bio: Alison Brown Alison Brown is the Marketing Strategist at Children’s Dental Fun Zone. She has been inclined towards oral care since her childhood as she comes from a family of dental background. She loves spending time with kids and contributes her insights by writing and promoting informative blogs for families to help them adapt to their new homes and localities without any hurdles.  

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