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7 Outdoor Entertaining Tips to Save Time!

Summer at home means outdoor dining all-day every day.  When you decide to have friends over, it becomes a little more work, and a little more chaotic. Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks from Real Simple that will help you save time on before, during, and after the party.


  1.  Skip the table cloth. Use brown craft paper as a table runner for a casual look that cleans up in one swoop to the garbage.
  2.  Plates don’t have to match! An eclectic look feels more laid back and makes the table look more fun.
  3.  Umbrellas help people know where to sit. Set up multiple umbrellas around the yard with tables.  Also helps for safe social distancing.
  4.  Indoor furniture and decor can help make your patio look nicer and feel more cozy.
  5.  Encourage guests to serve themselves at the bar. Use a mobile bar cart that can travel with the party.
  6. Floating flowers (like peonies, lilies, daisies) in a glass bowl are much faster than full arrangements. They also sit low and don’t obstruct your view at the table.
  7. Buy your favorite local bakery’s treats for dessert. Show your guests a taste of your neighborhood!

If you’re looking for more outdoor space (one of the most important features of a home right now), we’re happy to help! The patio featured here we just sold in Venice right off Abbot Kinney. There are ton of gems just like it out there right now!